Creative Professional Services Offered

Creativity Cohorts by Erin Lunde with Sound Matters Music Therapy, LLC.

Creativity Matters.

You pick a plan. You choose whether you want group accountability to focus on your creative endeavors or if you want an individual check-in from me on a regular basis. I’ll keep you accountable whichever you choose.

I have three kids. I had to give up a lot of work in 2020. I have three part-time, stick-them-in-when-I-can jobs. I run a private practice. I have stuff I gotta do.

I don’t have protected time or space to create what matters to me, and that’s the way it goes for the time being. I don’t make money on my creative endeavors. I don’t have anybody else who needs me to do the creative work I wanna to do.

What about you?

Do you write? Do you compose? Do you knit? Do you blog? What did you do for fun when you were 10 years old? What do you want to do for fun now?

Choose either a group plan or a personal check-in.

Private Group Subscription

  • Private group, as many as eight members
  • Prompts specific to you and your fellow group members
  • Monthly games with prizes if you achieve your creative goal
  • Regular live meets where we work on our project together
  • A creativity cohort
  • Personal Partnership Subscription

  • You and I communicate directly about shared goals
  • I check in with you regularly (daily or weekly) to keep both of us on task
  • I supply challenges and prompts and share resources with you
  • Decide if you need accountability for only one project or for a period of time
  • I also offer writing services for your newsletter or website.

    Contact me for editing, proofing or writing.