A creative writing component of music therapy

I am working with two clients who have both, over the past few weeks, been really interested in writing and illustrating. One client created a short songbook, complete with his own illustrations. Half of the songs are original, and one is even in another language (his stuffed animal’s). The other client is now on chapter three of what seems to have the potential for being a multi-chaptered story, as she calls it.

With both of theses clients, I am fully supportive of their exploring other creative modalities. I bring in the music part of our therapy by asking how one of the characters sound, and then encouraging the use of an instrument. I do this in different ways with either client, of course. I am impressed by the dynamic quality of the story that one of the client writes. I also love the creativity that the other brings to his own songs. Clients like these are ever-amazing me.

I wonder if any of you have ever paired music with creative writing. How did you do it? 

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