The importance of being ill

The other music therapist who works at the care center with me suggested to me today that she and I present on the importance of self-care for those new professionals, such as ourselves.

What a perfect idea. How timely, too, given that I am still not feeling well.

What a pity, too, that I/my body chooses the Week That I Am Most Busy to break down a little. (Perhaps this is a coincidence? Indicative of how I’m taking care of myself in this super busy time?)

I can tell you what I’m not doing well enough (in my opinion):

  1. Drinking enough water
  2. Sleeping well (though I argue that the past two nights I have been in bed before 10:00, and have not been able to fall asleep)
  3. Cutting myself some slack when I know that times are going to be more difficult to weather

Here is what I am doing well enough (in my opinion):

  1. Recognizing the above

I’ll just have to tell my co-worker that I am running an experiment on myself so that I have first-hand knowledge to back up the facts we’ll talk about in our presentation.

Tonight I sadly did not attend the Minneapolis Area Music Therapists Group meeting because, well, I’m sick. I didn’t want to get anyone else sick, who could get their clients sick, and so on. 

But, in a few days, I will share my review of the article I chose for this month.

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