The week in quotes

Resident: “Are you tired?”

Me: “No.”

Resident: “Really?”

Me: “Nope, not tired.”

Resident: “You look like you could just drop.”


Resident: “You are such a doll. Even with glasses.”


Resident to another staff member: “Come here.”

Staff member: “Yes?”

Resident: “Can I ask you something?”

Staff member: “Sure.”

Resident: “Are you pregnant?”

(The exchange should just end here, but alas, it does not.)

Aghast. Staff member: “No. Why, do I look like I’m pregnant?”

Resident: “Well, sure you do!”


Me, to a colleague of mine: “I am so anxious about this weekend. I am feeling distracted from work.”

Colleague: “Really? Well, can’t you just go through the motions? What you do is pretty mindless, anyway.”

Me: Speechless.

*Colleague and I discussed this exchange later. All is well. But still, a pretty priceless conversation, if you can call it that.



Volunteer: “I always have, always will.”

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