Last night

Tonight is our last here in Europe, at least for a while. The friend of Thomas’s with whom we’re staying made us breakfast and then led us off to see more sights today. We were able to meet up with Thomas’s cousin, who was free for most of the day.
We tried to see the Votiveskirche (forgive me, I’m not sure that’s the right name), but it was closed. We did go to the Sigmund Freud Museum, housed in the apartment where he lived for “the most important years of his life.” After this, I had my first taste of schnitzel here (I realize in an earlier post, I mistakenly wrote that we’d had schnitzel when in fact we had had only sausages). Schnitzel cordon bleu and bier for lunch, and then to the Belvedere for a few hours of (more) art. This museum is the home of the Gustav Klimt Collection, whose paintings I did not know aside from “The Kiss.” I liked most of the collection, and the museum is gorgeous.
Thomas and I were considering getting standing-room-only tickets for the opera tonight, but decided against it as it would have meant we would have been standing in line for at least 90 minutes before the three-hour-plus performance.
Tomorrow our first flight is to leave at 10:35 local time and then get to Amsterdam. We may have lunch with a friend of Thomas’s there before flying home.
I will figure out pictures soon.
Good night from Vienna.

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