Song to share

I’ve used this song in the recent past, and it so happens that Lynn is a music therapist here in the Minneapolis area. Oh, the talent.

Song and artist share

I am so fortunate to have worked with a fellow music therapist here in the Twin Cities who is a fantastic singer-songwriter by the name of Lynn O’Brien. I bring her up because I found myself in a session today that simply needed to have within it one of her songs, called “Still.”

Please do yourself a favor and listen to an excerpt of this song here.

There are so many fellow music therapists who perform and record on a regular basis. Another of whom I need to share with you is Angie Kopshy, and I look forward to writing up on some of what she does in the near future! Please let me know if you’d like any other pairs of ears on your original music.

Back in the saddle again

Good Monday to you!

Clearly, I’ve been away. In June, I got married. Leading up to the wedding, I decided to shift my focus much more to all of the end-of-planning work that needed to be done, so I sacrificed my blogging for that. But, I’ve decided that this week is the week I get back into it all.

Much has been happening here in Minnesota. We’ve still been holding our monthly meetings. I’ve been finding new clients and even new students. I’d been considering new ways to approach a couple of places in my community (though admittedly, I knew I wouldn’t get to that until July or August). I’ve decided to try to hit up a ukelele group that happens every other Monday night.

For our honeymoon, we flew down to Florida and then road-tripped along the Gulf Coast and stayed a day in New Orleans. The most striking part about New Orleans, for me, was the first half hour walking around a city square and hearing a band play on the street. Comprised of a trumpet, trombone, tuba, guitar, and bass drum, they improvised inside the song “We All Scream for Ice Cream,” to the extent that I teared up a little– they were fantastic. (Of course they were. New Orleans.) That night we spent some time on Frenchman Street and were happy to hear all kinds of amazing music spill out of each door that we passed.

I did love the South.

Minneapolis live

I had the opportunity to see a good friend and music therapy colleague perform last night here in Minneapolis. Lynn O’Brien and her trio, Hummingbirds, opened for a CD release show. Not only did one of Lynn’s songs bring tears to my eyes, she also inspired me (as she usually does) to try my hand at songwriting again.

I often create songs in my music therapy sessions, and sometimes those same songs develop over time into more detailed experiences. But I’m going to try, to TRY, to write one song per day this week.

Lynn O'Brien

Too often lately I have busied myself with paperwork and preparation. I think it’s time to shift some energy over to my musical development.

Thanks to Lynn for this inspiration. 🙂

Poise in public

I had another awesome opportunity to attend a Saint Paul Chamber Orchestra concert, this one being the Chamber Music Series #5. I grew up playing violin, and have had a somewhat tenuous relationship with the instrument over the past few years, but I was very engaged in the music tonight.

The non-musical benefits of music instruction have always been of most interest to me, which is probably why I am so excited about music therapy. I have always touted music instruction as being integral in the development of poise and confidence in front of others. Tonight I enjoyed watching the musicians’ movements, and noticed that their bodies were absolutely synchronized with their music. This didn’t surprise me, but I loved being a little bit more aware of the musicality of their movements, and knowing that the poise with which they engrossed their audience in the performance came directly from the music they produced. I hope to be in their audience again soon.