Guest post: Lisa Skarbakka

This week’s post comes to you from Lisa Skarbakka, MT-BC.

What does it mean to you to organize? Is it a wholly physical experience? How do you do it? Is it always a process, or do you ever feel it’s achieved?

When I was a kid, my dad had a sign on his door that said “creative minds are rarely tidy.” That was a convenient excuse for me! I think of organization in terms of the law of entropy: everything in the universe moves toward chaos unless energy is applied to bring it to a more ordered state. Everything falls apart unless we apply energy toward keeping it together. That applies to our relationships as well as all the other “stuff” of our life. That’s what I tell myself when I spend an hour cleaning out my car on the weekend and it looks like a disaster zone again by Wednesday! For me, the hardest part of organizing is getting started; once I’m actually doing it, it’s kind of pleasant, especially if I’m listening to a really great podcast. I often resist it, though, because it seems to take so much energy, and there are a million other more exciting things I’d like to do, and it’s never “done,” at least not for long. The people I know who are very organized seem to have consistent habits around it, so they do not ever have to decide to organize. I imagine it doesn’t take up as much energy when it’s a habit…I say “imagine” because I am not there right now!  But, little by little, I’ve become gradually more organized over time as I notice that I really do feel better when my “stuff” is in some kind of order (not to mention anyone who has to share space with me). I am setting an intention now to let go of labeling myself as “a disorganized person.” Our habits are not our identity; they are habits, and with a lot of intention and practice we can change them.

Lisa works as a hospice music therapist in and around Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Thank you, Lisa!

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