Kind of like that dollar bill trick Johnny Cash did

I felt like a fantastic guitarist today because I wore a sweater.

I’ll explain.

If you play ukelele with any variety of strum patterns, you know that there are quite a few patterns that use muting or slapping. (I’m sure there are correct terms for these techniques, but I just don’t have them on hand right now.) I’ve never been great at that kind of strumming, but I’ve always loved it. Today, while at my first site, I noticed I was affecting my guitar strings the way I’ve always wanted to affect my ukelele’s — all because my sweater was getting in the way of my strumming.

I’m glad that that Saturday-after-Thanksgiving-that-doesn’t-have-a-name Sale got me something good.

I was adding suspensions and letting my sweater do its work all day today, and alas, I wasn’t boring myself with the guitar skills I have.

What will I do in the summer, when there are no sweaters to be worn?

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