(You Picked a Fine Time to Leave Me) Technology

I led a group at the care center yesterday that included two family members of one of the residents. The group was going really well, and the family members seemed so happy to be there. (They asked several questions about music therapy following the group session, and requested information from me regarding research. I was impressed by their interest in music therapy, and not simply music, if that makes any sense.) At one point in the session, one of the family members requested the song, “(You Picked a Fine Time to Leave Me) Lucille.” I don’t happen to know this song, for which I apologized, but I was able to access it because our department recently acquired tablets for each staff member.

I’ve used the tablet several times for different reasons, and I was able to pull up YouTube and search for the song. I found this:

However, the connection failed right away. I refreshed it, and then it failed again. Repeatedly.

You picked a fine time to leave me, Tablet…

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