Fascination Station: Björk’s “Biophilia”

I love Björk. I have for years. I even liked how she sent me to tears for days in “Dancer in the Dark.” 

I find Björk to be a creative genius, with the beats she produces, the instrumentation she manufactures and manipulates, and the ideas she seems to be constantly generating. This is why I was thrilled to hear a description and review of her newest album, “Biophilia,” on the The New York Times Science Times podcast.

Who knows




“[The album] is no ordinary album. It uses unusual and newly-invented instruments to reflect the rhythms of nature.”

–Pam Belluck, The New York Times



Ritchie King wrote about “Biophilia” for Science Times, and you can hear some of what he has to say about it here.

Björk combines her music with iPad apps in order to make her product interactive. I am fascinated by her.


2 Replies to “Fascination Station: Björk’s “Biophilia””

  1. Nice. Are there any tracks you recommend as an intro for someone who has never heard her music?

  2. Well hello.
    Yes, in fact, there are so many tracks I recommend.
    First and foremost: My favorite album of hers is “Post.” On it are my favorite songs, “I Miss You,” “Army of Me,” “Enjoy,” and “Possibly Maybe.”
    I also love “Pagan Poetry” on her “Vespertine” album, and “Hidden Place” on the same album.
    I have fallen out of listening to new music over the past few years, but I’ve liked the new stuff of hers that I’ve heard.
    Let me know what you think!

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