The entertainer

I have several music therapy colleagues who all enjoy performing. I am not in their company. Every Friday at my care center, we have what is called “Happy Hour,” and I am enlisted to provide the “entertainment.” Sometimes I bring my violin and will play (recently, I’ve been using it for PSE in co-facilitation with physical therapy), but a lot of the time I play guitar and sing. Almost every week I am on the first floor where the residents are in memory care and palliative care. Today, however, I played on the two higher functioning levels. The auditorium was filled on one floor and the dining room on the other. I was organized enough (I’ve done this before– the woman who usually performs is sometimes unable), but I just don’t care for the experience. I don’t really like entertaining. (This being said, today’s Happy Hours were the most fun for me.)

Do you like performing/entertaining? Do you ever have to fill this role at your workplace?

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