Blind ideals

Unfortunately, I have had a decent amount of inability to focus on any one thing lately. I feel like I’ve been fighting myself to forge through the days. 

However, though today I had a day off from the nursing home, I did see two of my most challenging clients in my private practice work. One of the clients is very lively, very young, and has a diagnosis with which I have had very limited experience. Both clients are still new to me, and I have had my “usual” (if ever there is such a thing when I am still in the beginning stages of my practice) three-session assessment process with only one of these two. I spent most of the day considering different approaches to treatment and different experiences to use, only to truly stress myself in the end. I am happy to report that, even though I tended to, let’s say, agitate my day with second- and third-guessing myself, I found that, once again, what was most important in both of my sessions was that I listen to my clients and assess their energies, and to keep the goals and objectives in my head. I’ve been finding that I am pretty decent with improvisation, which is important in this work as the planning is important, but it’s such a blind ideal– only when I am in my clients’ presence am I really able to plan the session.

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