Private practice (not the TV show)

Today, I officially began practicing as an independent contractor. I had only one client tonight, and will have three on Thursday. I am excited for what could lie ahead. 

I will be using much more piano with these clients than guitar, which is absolutely out of my comfort zone. But everything about this private practice is out of my comfort zone, so why not add a main accompaniment tool? I am starting from scratch with these clients; I have very few instruments to use, and not a whole lot of experience with this population. But, I have to start somewhere. 

‘Twould be nice to have Nordoff-Robins training, and another music therapist for co-facilitation. Not in the cards.

Tired and ready for another day at the nursing home…

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  1. it's great to have a Co-therapist, but unfortunately most of us don't! I actually just did a co-treatment today and the service coordinator was so helpful! Made it so much easier to focus on the goal areas! Good Luck with the private practice!! Can't wait to hear about it!

  2. Kristi,
    Thanks for reading. What is your population, again? I will be sure to let you know more about the private practice as I gain experience with it. Tonight I see one client. One cancelled for the week. This is another new experience.

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