I don’t happen to be one of those musicians who loves to play and/or sing at any moment of any day. There is a time and place for my music, and, apparently unfortunately, that place is at work. 

So when my boss called me the morning of my day off to ask that I provide the entertainment for our department’s barbecue that same evening, I explained to him my feelings about the music I provide. To this, he responded, “Well, maybe you could just play a few songs, no pressure.” I e-mailed him, thanking him for asking because I am happy that he’d think I could entertain (that word, that word) everyone, but (I think) politely and professionally said no. The other music therapist at my facility had reminded me of maintaining boundaries, and had I not declined and not provided music for everyone that night, I would have been distracted and distant from everyone instead of feeling closer to them as co-workers in a social context. 

A few days have passed, and even today I was approached by a co-worker who applauded me for refraining from working at a non-work event. 

I applaud myself, too. 

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