I enjoy scheduling my days very rigidly, and then becoming upset with myself if and when I do not follow my schedule. Today, for instance, I worked a half day. I have decided a few weeks ago to use my Wednesday afternoons to learn a certain number of songs and to work on my guitar technique. I seriously fashion a calendar in my head that has slots for what I do on an hourly basis. There are a few days when I accomplish my schedule, so to speak, but today I was really tired. So instead of reading for an hour I fell asleep and now everything is screwed up and I almost feel like the day is a loss and that I have to shift my schedule to fit everything in at all. Because I “write” a calendar that is almost impossible to keep, I find it very easy to be disappointed when I don’t accomplish it. But, how does a person get everything done when he or she doesn’t do several things in any given day? How does one get ahead? How does a person get everything done every day? (And I don’t even have kids. Or a pet.)

My Bandathaday: The Thermals.

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