I’ve caught a bug

I was fortunate and surprised to see a friend of mine who is also a music therapist in the cafe at my workplace today. She works in hospice, and will work with some of the residents I see at work. She and her sister are starting an artists’ workshop (all creative medium) soon, and I am already brainstorming about what kind of art I’ll bring to the first meeting. Ideally, I’ll bring songs I write, but that seems too intimidating for me at the moment. What is so great about the conversation I had with this friend today is that she reminded me that, when it comes to creating something (and I think it’s true that every part of your day is a creation of yours to some degree), someone puts out a lot of junk in the experimentation process before he or she achieves success with that particular project. I need that reminder on a daily basis, I think. A songwriter friend of mine back in Portland told me once, “You gotta start somewhere.” Of course. 

I drew this picture for two reasons: 1. my aforementioned friend said she liked that I included one of the other drawings I posted here, and 2. because I’d like to think I’ve caught this creating bug. (I don’t know why, but the word “bug” came to mind, and I used it as a prompt. Dorky, I know. Oh well, it resulted in something, at least.)
Thanks, Lisa. 🙂

Band: Lykke Li.

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  1. I enjoyed bumping into you at work, Erin! I'm glad you're joining the arts workshop; I know you'll have a lot to offer with your thoughtfulness and creativity. See you Friday!

  2. This is a wonderful post and drawing. Thanks for spreading the inspiration, ladies.


  3. Lynn,
    Thank you! I'm happy to be found "inspirational," especially by someone who inspires me. 🙂

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