Default isn’t dislike

 I am usually surprised by how nice people are, for the most part. Or rather, how nice they are to me. I have had exactly two encounters with my landlord, one when I met him for the first time in the parking lot, and the other in the laundry room. Both of those times were months ago, and because essentially nothing has gone wrong in my apartment, I’ve had no need to contact him. Two things went wrong today, and for whatever reason, I assumed he’d be annoyed that he’d have to come address both of my problems. Essentially, I thought his baseline attitude about me would be disgruntled. 

So, I rehearse a short script in my head before I call him. I always hope the other person won’t answer so that I can leave a message. Of course, he answered, and for whatever reason, we had this really bizarre, hilarious conversation about how the caretaker of the apartment complex (not the landlord) has a specific way of conducting his business. Anyway, he was funny and weird and I like that about people. Most importantly, he did not seem in the least bit annoyed by me or my request. 
So I got in the car and rejoiced a little. I do this all the time. Why can’t I remember that most people don’t default to dislike of other people, i.e., me? Why can’t I remember that?
I am not far enough involved in my new job to have any revelations yet, other than I absolutely enjoy elderly people. 
Speaking of elderly people, go to YouTube and search for “Sprint, Staying Awhile.”

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