Travel and food

The last two nights, I’ve had fantastic food and wine. The friend of Thomas’s with whom we’re staying tonight and tomorrow night spoke tonight about re-inventing oneself at different stages of life. I could probably re-invent myself to be an international traveler. 

I loved the time we spent in Slovakia. We took the train from Vienna to Bratislava on Friday and had a sheep cheese gnocchi dish that is very common in Slovakia (I hope to provide its name in the future, I just don’t have it on hand right now) before going to see Tosca at the new Slovakian opera house (complete with Slovakian supertitles). Our server at the Slovak Pub did not know any English, which I loved.
Slovakians are gorgeous, tall, and smokers. And drunk. We went to a couple of pubs following the opera, and there were groups of people — men, mostly — screaming drunk through the cobblestone streets. 
We went to the first few minutes of mass at a church in Bratislava. I think I confessed for sins I didn’t know I’d made. Probably wise.
I believe I’ve taken close to 600 pictures. 
Last night, after making it back to Vienna, we went with Thomas’s family to a therma bath. Then, on to have tapas and lobster at a Spanish restaurant. 
I’ve decided my new hobby is cooking; I will learn to do it consistently and well, damn it.
Tonight we went to a heurigen in the 19th district of Vienna. There was talk of having to dilute the wine with mineral water, but this was delightfully overlooked. I had only one glass and I’m still happy.
I hope I come back here.

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  1. This kind didn't need to– it's only when the pitchers come out.

    And I hope you do come back– sooner rather than later. You're welcome anytime!

  2. Oh and some of the loud drunk men may have been Brits. Some of the cheap airlines fly between the UK and Bratislava and there ae lots of stag/bachelor parties, among other things, because it's cheaper for them to fly to Slovakia to do so.

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